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 #LIFTEMUP  Music Video


For Wolrd Pride

We produced and released music video for World Pride anthem #LIFTEMUP, to honor the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots that began the movement for LGBTQAI+ visibility and acceptance. We teamed up with NYC musician, songwriter, and DJ, Greko who co-wrote the song with RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Sharon Needles. The song's a group collaboration featuring Greko and Sharon themselves, legendary Blondie frontwoman Debbie Harry, groundbreaking Broadway superstar Peppermint, and iconic glamour queen Amanda Lepore. Streaming proceeds are donated to LGBTQAI+ charities including Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation.

#LIFTEMUP's lyrical message is a simple yet direct reminder to take the time and look out for LGBTQAI+ members who may be struggling and to conquer the obstacles facing this community towards the freedoms we all deserve.


Creative + Production + EditorialBlonde+Co / Directors: Julie Stahl, Bourtney Crookes

Creative Director: Julie Stahl / Associate Creative + Design Director: Cuevawolf / Producer: Rosalind Yale / Production Supervisor: Jennifer Susswein / DP: Jendra Jarnagin / EP: Greko, Julie Stahl, Ann Lawlor Photographer: Liz Renstrom / 1st AD: John Backstrom / 2nd AD: Alex Burstein / Studio Manager: Angelos Rompolis / Director + Client Services: Danielle Chocron / Steadicam Operator: Jennie Jeddry / Focus Puller: Nick Huynh /Director/BTS: Robert Cluesman / Gaffer: Jesse Bronstein / Key Grip: Dino Davaros / Swing: Silas Perry / 2nd AC: Shoshanna Withers / Camera Operator/BTS: Julien Zeitouni /  Production Designer: Mariano Rubin De Celis / Carpenter: Mike Aminoff / Set design artist: Kyle Glenn Photographer BTS: Ann Lawlor / Additional BTS: Pascal Kerbel / Stills Assistant + 16mm shooter: Paul DeSilva / 8mm Shooter: Malcolm Thorndike Nicholson / Hairstylist: Paula Randazzo / Makeup Artist: Blair Queen / Makeup Artist: Kat Lloyd / PA: Emery Shiffaw PA: Rachel Scarpelli /  Post Retouching: Fei Yang / Retouching: MPC Thiago Porto, Bilali Mack, Tamir Sapir, Rob Walker, Giulia Barta / Sound Design: Andy Fortenbacher / Color: Aline Sinquin/ Stock Footage: Film Archives, Inc


Debbie Harry Sharon Needles Peppermint Amanda Lepore Greko



Julian De La Blanca Kristian De La Blanca Diogenes De La Blanca Robert J. Mason



Colin Grafton Michael Musto Breedlove Danielle Tyler Michael T Michael Stewart Traci Danielle Jimmy Webb


Ann Lawlor ISH Entertainment Tommy James/Baby Bo's Adam Richlin/Lightbulb Grip & Electric Mike Nichols/Abel Cine John Fitzpatrick Rob Cristiano Filmed on location at Blonde Studios

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