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photo retouch examples

Please roll your mouse cursor over the image to view the original and retouching before and after variants. Click the right up corner to view on full screen. You can also observe 3 photo retouching levels we offer, what they include. 

1. Basic level

This level includes all the necessary Photoshop adjustments without special effects. 

The following corrections will be made:

  • Light Beauty Retouching  • Blemishes, Scars, Acne Removal  •  Stray Hair Over Face Removal  •  Teeth Whitening

  • Skin Smoothening  •  Image Cropping Color/Light Correction


  • Skin tone Evening Out

  • Body shape correction

  • Background Editing

2. Pro level

This type of retouching is much demanded among our clients. The settings this photo correction services have are wide. 

This level improves basic photo correction and shows qualified edited photos before and after. 

The following corrections will be made:

  • Skin tone Evening Out  •  Deep color correction  •  Face Wrinkles Removal

  • Get rid of skin imperfects (acne, scars, zits, birthmarks, moles, enlarged pores, warts)

  • Lips and eyes correction• Make up correction• Teeth fixing, whitening• Stray hair removal, hair color change

  • Body shape correction/Weight Reduction ( (using Liquify filter)

  • Background Enhancement/Extending


  • Image Masking in Photoshop

  • Background Replacement/Color changing

  • Photo merging

3. Extra level

High End effect on the photos. We offer Extra level of post production for this purpose. On these photo retouch examples you can see the changes we suggest making in Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom. This type of retouching includes all previously described levels together with extra ones.

The following corrections will be made:

  • Natural beauty retouching (High End effect, magazine look)  • Correction of tones/dull colors (accessories, small objects and clothes) • Eye glass glare masking • Brace removal  • Swapping • Replacing backdrop

  • Photo merging • Repairing varied photographed items • Adding or replacing eyes, lips and mouth •  Replacing backdrop

  • Smoothing clothes creasers (recommended for wedding photos) • Jewelry photography improving

  • Adding special Photoshop effects (double exposure, vintage, matte, etc.)

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