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We believe that Blonde’s unique perspective of beauty creators and creatives will be an excellent forum for an open and engaging discussion. We will feature guest moderators and panelists who will bring a unique POV and voice. We want to bring together active inspiring leaders on topics concerning all of us.


What is the impact of COVID on business, life, creativity, and customer/guest relationships?

Ammon Carver, (Chief Artistic Director Ulta Beauty, Global Creative Director L’ANZA Healing Haircare & previous salon owner) 

Manny Rolon, (Oribe Educator, Brand Ambassador for Hairuwear & owns and runs 2 salons)

Cristin Armstrong, (Celebrity Colorist, Empowerment Director @ Hear the Hungry)

Discussion and resources;


Our experts will be covering a wide range of questions, concerns, and practical hands-on insights and that will help alleviate fear around COVID-19 in production such as: How to keep the set safe and reassure your team, crew, and clients. Hair and Makeup questions: airbrush makeup, blow-dry, and more. Managing a tight production with even more restrictions and evolving guidelines. How do we combine safety and creativity?
Moderated by Grey Zisser, Blonde + Co's #CreativeDirector, and Former #Editorial #Hairstylist ✨.


Samantha Isom - Photographer/director and OSHA certified @samiampictures.

John Cordes - Rightway consulting who is offering OSHA certification courses

Margina Dennis - Celebrity makeup artist already practicing OSHA guidelines @marginadennis. www,

Kezi Ban - Photographer/Director - who has been OSHA certified @Kezi_ban.


Hello from Rightway Consulting. I've got good news for you. The recording of our Production Infection Control Course (webinar) is now available. Please make time to watch the video in it's entirely (2 hours 17 minutes). If for some reason you are interrupted during your first viewing you do have 24 hours to pick up where you left off. It's best if you are able to review it in its entirety, then you can go back and forth to parts you feel you missed or want to hear again. Please note: this video is also embedded into the test. So if you were not able to review as much as you would like during the first 24 hours, you may do so once you have a link to the test. I will email your details to take the test and receive your certificate of course completion after you've viewed the recording of May 15th's webinar. In case you were not on the initial email with info on this course, please see below. Here is a link to the course video:


     We all would love to get back to work, yet we do want to get back to work safely. Many of us have been discussing this since the beginning of our industry shutdown, yet very few if any of us have prior experience with things like infection control. 

Some of you know, I have been working with Rightway Consulting, an OSHA compliance consulting company to educate all of us on safety practices and apply that to our production workplace. I have 30 years in the photo/video world, and the person I am working with, John Cordes, is an OSHA Authorized Outreach Safety Trainer for General Industry and an active member of the National Safety Council (NSC) with over 20 years overall experience and a solid 11 years focusing on I.C. (Infection Control).


     There are currently no government regulations, nor rules regarding COVID in our production workplace. John and I have built a training course culminating with a certificate of course completion, to help us make our sets more safe.


     The information in this program is based on the education and experience of John Cordes, OSHA Authorized Outreach Safety Trainer for General Industry, and represents the best practices at the time of the program's presentation. The materials have been created in light of OSHA's April/May 2020 guidelines and recommendations for workplace safety, and they do not guarantee the prevention of disease spread. No webinar can adequately cover the nuances of every situation you may encounter, especially given the extensive uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 itself. By participating in this webinar, you understand and agree that the organizers, presenters, and their associates cannot be held liable for any illness or infection that may occur within your business.

Some of the topics covered will be:

  • Review the Chain of Infection

  • Epidemiology of this current strain of Coronavirus 2 (COVID-19)

  • Discusses the main strategies of Exposure Control- Elaborate on : Engineering Controls,(Physical barriers etc.)  

  • Preventative measures(How to mitigate contamination potential) (PPE, EPA approved disinfectants, Arriving/leaving, Transport)

  • Hair and Makeup(Focus on PPE and disinfection

  • Catering/Crafty(preventative measures suggestions)

  • Masks- explain the various functions and ratings of masks as to help you make an educated decision on your selection along with additional OSHA requirements if N95 (or similar)

  • Explaining the position of : A Health Services Team or Individual + Their duties: * Establish a screening program for Pre and Post-production ( with CDC Recommendations)

  • Helping each department to use critical thinking in making wise decisions for their production environment

  • Wardrobe(I'll review quarantine vs steam vs UV). Temperature etc 

  • Locations

  • " Tool Kit"(Gloves (review various types, no-touch thermometer etc.)  

  • Sterilization of equipment vs disposable (pros & cons)  

  • Risk levels(how to determine) Provided by the CDC

  • OSHA Current record keeping requirements

  • Q & A

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