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Closeup on Vanities.

6/08/2020. How do the new protocols affect the Glam Squad, and what is the knock-on effect on a shoot day?

What is different about how we prepare for a shoot? What do we need to know in order to be properly and to properly protect the crew? Do we need more time for set up? Is it going to take longer to get the Talent/model ready? Can we all work in the same room? Who is ultimately responsible for making sure everyone on set is being safe? Should we impose a "Health and Safety" tax to cover all the extra costs in extra equipment needed?

Moderated by Grey Zisser, Blonde + Co's #CreativeDirector, and Former #Editorial#Hairstylist



UV light

Here is the Blow dry article

CA Hair salons guideline

Proposed Health and Safety Guidelines for Motion Picture, Television, and Streaming Productions During the COVID-19 Pandemic



if anyone is interested in learning about my Real Talk:  Safer Makeup and Hair COVID19 Webinar, they can reach out to me.

Cartons Beautiful Masks:

There are various disinfectants that you EPA approved, and so are ingredients. @allyson there are products that are greener that are EPA approved. Here are some greener alternatives

NYS Opening Guidelines

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